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Legitimate ways to make money online!

This website is designed to provide a source of information about how to legitimately make money online. Using these sources of income, you should be able to derive an income of $500.00 or more per week. As a traveler my goal was simple, earn $300-$400 per week working no more than 20 hours per week.  This is not a how to get rich quick on the internet guide, because quite simply,  I don’t know how. The focus of most of the revenue streams is simply leveraging your English communication skills into article writing, blog posting or copyediting, though there are other options and you don’t have to be a particularly good writer to be successful. In addition I’ll be doing some product reviews with respect to travel products which I consider essential to anyone wanting to travel and make money online. In the long term I also hope to provide details of low cost accommodation with high speed, reliable WiFi access around the globe.

How to make money online

Make money online and travel

Within the make money online now section, I have included websites in which I personally have been paid and from my own research had excellent reputations within the online community. I encourage you to do your own research online as well. Unfortunately whilst I may have had success and been paid by most of these websites, that doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same success.

The website is still very much a work in progress, so I encourage you to check back regularly as I’ll be updating it regularly to more ways to make money online!

In terms of a general recommendation,if you are interested in making money online by writing online, you should check out Spike Wyatt’s ebook, Going the Half-Hog, which is available on Amazon which is incredibly useful for anyone wanting to make money online as a writer.

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Make money online – A complete guide how to do make hundreds per week

Aussie Digital Nomad’s beginner’s guide to making money online

Welcome my beginner’s guide to making money online. Making money online and the fear of being scammed go hand in hand. As such whilst we can never be completely sure that we’ll be paid for our efforts, my guide focuses on opportunities with reputable companies such as Amazon, so you can be a bit more confident that you aren’t wasting your time or putting your confidential information at risk. These are all legitimate (as far as I know) opportunities to make money online and require no financial risk or investment on your behalf. My method of making money online consists of work I will put into four categories; primary, passive, bonus and supplementary.

Before I go into the strategy, I must make one thing clear. Doing this work, you are self-employed. This means you are solely responsible for generating your income, if you slack off, you’re earnings will decrease, if you decide not to use the spare 15 minutes you might have to good use, that adds up over the course of a week or a month. You will only earn money for the work you do. Treat this like a job and you’ll get paid accordingly. If you decide to watch Youtube videos, surf the web, watch TV while working, get distracted easily/regularly then don’t be surprised when you aren’t making much money.

Looking first at primary income, this is what you want to ideally be spending the majority of your time on. I’ve identified three different jobs in this category. In order to qualify, the hourly wage must be good, the company is highly reputable and there must be plenty of work available each week. Let’s call them the three pillars of your primary online income.

The first pillar is a job at Lionsbridge, preferably as an Internet Assessor, though they also have other jobs such as Spelling Assessors, Crowd Workers and even Video Game Testers. The position will have you ranking the relevancy and quality of webpages compared to user’s search engine queries.  The pay is subject to NDA however it is without a doubt in my view, the best hourly wage you will likely find without having any specific skills to sell or products to market. As an Internet Assessor you are required to work between 10 to 20 hours per week. Just this alone, can be sufficient for some people. There are some negatives, there aren’t always jobs going, there is a lengthy qualification process and you will need to study significant training materials, the work is incredibly boring and I’ve heard of many Assessors struggle to meet the minimum quality requirements and subsequently lose their positions. Look at the current opportunities in your current country here. I have been an Assessor since early this year and my only complaints are that the time Lionsbridge gives you to complete certain tasks are often below what it will realistically take you. Even allowing for this you’ll still likely be getting paid far better than any other online opportunity, especially when you first begin.

The second pillar, which unfortunately is limited to American residents, is to sign up as an Amazon Mturker. The position will have you performing “HITS” or human intelligence tasks. Reportedly you can earn anywhere from $5 to $8 per hour, depending on your proficiency and the type of work available at the time. I can’t personally comment on this as unfortunately the work is largely limited to American residents. Should you qualify to do the work, it’s a highly reputable company with plenty of work available at a decent hourly wage (once you learn the system).  If like me, you do not qualify to the Mturk program, you may want to consider Microtask.com or Clickchores.com which are reportedly similar, though I personally have not tried them yet.

Writing articles online is my preferred and in my opinion the best and safest way to make money online. As Google continues to place a massive emphasis on original, high quality and up to date content for search engine optimisation, website owners are increasingly willing to pay quite well for this content. As such you should be looking to develop an ability to write articles, approximately 500 words long, with appropriate keyword density for search engine optimisation (if unfamiliar do a quick Google search). This is an incredibly valuable tool at your deposal to make money online with plenty of sites wanting to sell your articles and has website owners posting jobs. Even if you aren’t the best writer, if you are a native English speaker with a high school level education, you should be able to make this work.

The first two websites you want to look at are Textbroker (if you are an American resident) and Iwriter which is available worldwide. These websites are commonly referred to as content mills. Essentially the content is relatively easy to write, there’s plenty of work available with the major downside being that the pay is rather low especially in the beginning. You can signup at Iwriter with my link here.

If you don’t like these websites, or there isn’t sufficient work, there are PLENTY of options for you to sell articles, below is a just a few of the websites which look for writers.

Alternatively, you can look into publishing your articles on revenue sharing websites such as Squidoo or Hubpages. Personally I don’t recommend this, the major advantage to this method of publishing your articles is that you can potentially make far more money than you would at the above websites if they generate high traffic. The disadvantage is that you might earn nothing if your article gets no traffic. My strategy is about earning guaranteed weekly income, so I don’t utilise these websites.

The next type of work I want to talk about is what I call bonus income. This essentially is doing new website testing. I consider this work “bonus” income as it can be quite lucrative, you typically get paid around $10 per task, typically taking 20 to 30minutes a task. The work will see you testing new websites, talking aloud while a screen recorder records your visit. Unfortunately there is an abundance of testers and a scarcity of work, so don’t expect or even rely on this as a source of income. If you can get even an hour per week as a combination from all the websites, you’ve done well. I recommend you signup at all of the links below and if you’re lucky enough to get a a job or two a week and get $10 to 30, it’s been a good week.  Below is a list of the websites I recommend you sign up with.

The next type of income I will be talking about is passive income. These are not big earners, these are things you things you should be doing whilst you’re doing your primary income activities. The passive income earners use your computer and smart device’s (if available) resources and do not require too much attention other than too simply set them up and intermittently check back to do a few clicks. First off, you are going to want to sign up with Swagbucks. You do use my link here. Using my method you are going to be making about $5-$10 a week (though requires a smartphone/device), however it really takes no effort on your behalf other than letting a few programs and Apps run showing videos while you work. You are going to want to run the TV widget, the Mobile TV  App and the Entertainnow App (depending on whether you have an Iphone or Android device) which just show videos and ads.  If you’re particularly interested in Swagbucks, there’s plenty other ways to earn more cash, but to me it’s not worth investing your time.  You do earn bonus bucks by achieving daily goals, the combination of the 3 above should get you close or achieve the goal depending on the day. It’s up to you whether you want to pursue daily goals which may fall just out of reach using just the above.

If you have a smart device, you can quickly earn roughly $10 on your first day by signing up for various Apps which I will list below, though after that, you will be lucky to crack a couple of dollars a week. As with the above, the idea of these apps, is not to dedicate any valuable time with them, but to use them when you would otherwise not be doing anything, ie waiting in line somewhere or waiting for your food at a takeaway etc. This is also something you can easily do while watching TV, you can run it while you’re watching a show and during an ad break, quickly set it up.  A list of the Apps is below.

In my view the primary sources of income should take up the majority of your time, however if you aren’t a decent writer, you don’t have access to Mturk or there are currently no positions open at Lionsbridge (or you were unsuccessful) these may take up some more of your time. The other thing to consider is that the work at Lionsbridge and reportedly Mturk can be MIND NUMBINGLY BORING. So doing some of these supplementary jobs will help keep you sane, even if they aren’t as a big earners.

I recommend this website particularly for international users and writers who are just beginning. This website operates via Facebook has usually has plenty of writing and editing jobs available.  Whilst there typically better there is better money from other online writing websites the big plus of this website is that it pays the very next day. From what I’ve seen there is usually a fair bit of work to be done meaning you can earn a nice bit of money quite quickly.

Postloop – Paid Forum Posting
This is an incredibly easy way to make money, though certainly not your most efficient as such I recommend it as a supplementary means of income for when you don’t want to think too hard. You get paid anywhere between 5c to 15c to signup and post on various message boards.  Whilst I have heard of people saying they can make about $5.00 an hour, I’d suggest that will be difficult and it’s more likely closer to $2.00 to 3.00 an hour especially as a beginner.  What I suggest is that you signup and subscribe to a few online money making forums (of which there are usually a few). This way you are making money while you post and you are also learning about new ways to make money online from other users. I’ve also found forums to be one of the best sources to discover this websites are scammy and those that aren’t.

A well known and reputable website where you get paid to review music. Personally I’ve only put a few hours in, as it’s not really for me and I’d prefer to spend my time writing and that is a better money earner in my view. Writing for SlicethePie is definitely less mentally straining and is more enjoyable given you get to listen to music, however the low rates of pay, especially as a newbie scared me off. Reportedly you can make a decent hourly wage once you get to an appropriate level.

A website which pays via AdSense where you simply make money by asking and answering questions. It is sometimes advertised as a way to earn a passive income of hundreds of dollars per week. Whilst this may have been theoretically possible in the past, it seems the recent changes to Google’s algorithms have drastically reduced earnings. Even then it would be more accurately described as a semi-passive income, because your earnings will drop should you not remain active on the website. If you are particularly interested in writing some content in a simple interface without the need to search for articles or jobs as you with proper article writing websites, this may be something to consider. I consider there to be better opportunities to make money online, as this neither fits into the easy money as Postloop, yet doesn’t pay well enough to dedicate too much time or effort (at least in my experience).

Using this strategy, you should have little difficulty in pulling a couple of hundred per week, though this is heavily dependent on getting on being able to earn money from at least two of the primary income earners, those being a job with Lionsbridge, Amazon’s Mturk and being a competent article writer.

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Make Money as an online writer

With Iwriter.com you can make money online as a writer.  Once you signup, you will be able to start writing immediately as there is no qualification process. This means however there are many writers on the website which are competing against you for work.  The website states on its homepage it has over 100,000 writers, though how many of these are active is questionable. Once you signup, you will be able to search the articles that have been requested, the topic, any guidelines, how many words each article needs to be and how much you will be paid.

As a rough guide, when you first begin you can expect to earn $2.00 to $4.00 dollars per article with the article length typically being around 500 words. Articles requested will be ranked either basic, premium or elite, which have a different pay rate. You will begin with only access to the basic articles which unsurprisingly pay the least. Once you have completed 30 articles you will be after access premium work (if your work is acceptable) and should you be successful in maintaining an exceptionally high ranking you’ll be able to access the elite ranking articles which pay the most. These tend to pay about $4.00 to $8.00 for a premium article and above $8.00 to $15.00 for an elite article.

As is always the case with these websites, payment is contingent on the requester accepting the work as acceptable.  Unfortunately there will be occasions where your work is seemingly rejected for no reason or little explanation. It is vital you check the requester’s approval rating before taking on their work.

In order to be successful online writer, you are going to want to become extremely proficient at producing 500 word articles in 30 minutes.  With practice, and on topics in which you have expertise, you should be aiming to reduce that to around  25 minutes per 500 words.

Is Iwriter.com a scam? Will Iwriter.com pay?

Iwriter.com is a well-established online content website and I have not heard of anyone not being paid. In addition to the quoted price, should you write exceptional content, the requester may also give you a small tip. The only caveat regarding payment, is that the requester must accept your work, prior to payment. This unfortunately is always an issue with websites such as this, and the process is always to the benefit of the requester (somewhat understandably). As such before you do any work, as recommended above, I recommend you look at the article requester’s approval history to see how often they reject work. I suggest you stay away from anyone with less than 80% approval rating.

The point of this type of work is to turn around your articles quickly, have them accepted and move onto the next. Iwriter.com infact enforces such an attitude, with its deadlines usually being a couple of hours after acceptance of the job. I love this aspect of the website, meaning I can get to work right away, reduces the approval timeframe and speeds up payment. Unfortunately until you pick up the premium rankings, you likely aren’t going to be making enough money to be spending lots of time on each one. This is somewhat of a catch22, because unless you are an experienced writer, you may struggle to get average 4 or 4.6 stars rankings without spending heaps of time on them. You need to gauge your own skills as a writer and decide whether you are going to try and maintain high rankings to qualify for the premium and elite work, even if it means at the beginning, spending lots of time on articles for peanuts. In my view it is probably worth giving it your all on your first handful of articles and see what sort of ratings you get then deciding on how to proceed.

Make money online as a writer

Make money online as a writer

How does Iwriter pay?

Iwriter.com pays with Paypal. You are able to set a frequency of the payments.


Viability for a Digital Nomad

Strong. Iwriter.com is a great way for anyone with reasonable content writing skills to sell their wares online. In order to be successful you will need to learn to type quickly (at least 45-50wpm, preferably more) with correct diction, punctuation and grammar. If you are able to do this, you should easily be able to make $4.00 to $8.00 per hour as a beginner and with experience, that will increase. Iwriter.com is great for travelers as they accept international writers. If you want to signup, click on the link below.


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Make Money Online with Referral Programs

So you’ve learnt how to make some money online. Great. But what’s better than making money online than helping others do it, while you receive commissions for their work. It is important however that you try to give an accurate picture of the work, including the pros and cons when referring people, otherwise you referral will quickly find it may not be as good as you say and leave shortly thereafter. Most of the websites offer a percentage of their earnings, so exaggerating the pros of a website, whilst ignoring the cons, isn’t going to cut it. Below is a list of websites that offer referral programs that I use. Please refer to the specific reviews on the website as to my views on each one. As far as I’m aware, all of these referral programs are calculated on top of your referral’s earnings, not taken from their earnings, so there is no negative for the user in signing up under your links.

Make Money Online with Referral Programs

Make money online with referral programs


Offers a tiered referral system which lasts for 2 years.

1st Level — Workers you directly refer to CloudCrowd, 10.1% of what they get paid.

2nd Level — Workers invited by your 1st level crowd, 3.2% of what they get paid

3rd Level — Workers invited by your 2nd level crowd, 1.5% of what they get paid.


What Users Do

A one off referral bonus of $2.00 after they successfully signup and complete their first task.


Smart Phone Apps

Most of the Apps which allow you to make money online have only small referral bonus, usually providing you with 25c to 50c for each referral. The great thing about many of these referral programs is they also benefit the user who also receives bonus points.

  • Tapporo – Enter Code – TAPRK148783



Swagbucks matches your referrals earnings up to 1000 points ($10).



You earn a flat 10% of the points that your referrals earn. This is ongoing.



You will receive $0.50 for every new member who signs up. You need to be a member of Commission Junction to receive the referral bonus.



A stock photography website where you earn 20% of the sales your referrals make.



You will receive 10% bonus calculated from your referrals earnings.



A microtask website like Mturk, unfortunately since my review there is been no work on the website and community opinions seems to be that the website is essentially dead. Personally have not used in months.



WebAnswers offers a full at 10% commission for all of your referral’s earnings.



As I’ve yet to receive payment from this website so I cannot recommend this website at this time, however it does advertise a referral program.

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Make money with Swagbucks

Make money online with Swagbucks.com

Swagbucks as described on their website is a loyalty program where you earn cash and prizes for performing tasks such as undertaking surveys, playing games, using their search engine and watching trailers and videos on their websites.

Swagbucks is essentially a get paid to website where instead of being paid an amount of money to undertake the task you receive Swagbucks. The conversion rates for Swag Bucks are predictably quite horrible however there are a number of high Swagbuck generating activities that I recommend you undertake daily whilst doing other more productive activities (such as writing or internet assessing) and you will find that you will quickly rack up around $30 worth and cash and prizes in a month, with little to no effort involved. I will go into this further below.

Will Swagbucks pay? Is Swagbucks a scam?

Swagbucks is long established “get paid to website” and you shouldn’t have any issues in redeeming your points for cash or gift cards. The sole point of concern is that many users allege their accounts have been terminated without any reason nor warning. I personally have been able to successfully redeem my swagbucks for Paypal cash without difficulty. I recommend cashing out immediately upon reaching the minimum threshold. My strategy for earning SBs also involves minimum effort, so in the event of a banning, you have’t wasted too much time.

How do Swagbucks pay?

SwagBucks let you exchange your points for cash via Paypal. It also lets you exchange the points for a variety of gift cards from major online retailers such as Amazon.com. The conversion rates for a PayPal cashout is usually somewhat worse than redeeming for gift cards.

How I recommend you make money with Swagbucks

I rarely waste any of my time doing surveys, games etc as they aren’t worth your time except under 1 circumstance. Your main goal should be to reach the daily target, doing so will help you receive bonuses. In order for my strategy to work, you need a smartphone, though I have an alternative below.

First you want to install the Swagbucks TV app on your device and let it run for a few hours. If you are not located in the United States you may struggle to gain access to this. I suggest you look at other ways to obtain American iTunes account and Google is your friend.  You can earn up to 50 SB per day using this App.

Secondly, you then want to use the TV gadget on the Swagbucks Toolbar, which you can download from the website. This can easily generate another easy 20 Swag Bucks per day.

Lastly download the Entertainow App on your smartphone device. Once again, install and let it run. You will need to check back intermittently.  This will earn you another 26 SB a day.

As a combination of these 3 activities, you should be getting about 100 SB a day. Daily goal bonuses tend to vary either just below or just above 100. If you fall just short of the goal, I’d look at doing a survey or 2 to reach the goal and reach your target.  Doing this everyday will net you over 3000 Swagbucks, or $30 in Paypal.

Should you not have access to a smart device you may want to look into downloading the program BlueStacks which is a smart phone emulator. Please note however that it is unclear whether Swagbuck.com approves the use of this program and you may end up banned and losing your Swagbucks for using this account. I have not used this program as I have a smartphone however I’ve heard mixed accounts as to whether this works.

Viability for Digital Nomad

Average. Swagbucks is something which you should have running in the background whilst to do more productive work such as writing articles or doing Internet assessing. To me it’s a great little addition to my daily routine, I let the various Apps run while I do other work and then let the TV app run on the computer while I do other things. To me it’s an easy $10 a week for doing essentially nothing other than letting a few apps and programs run. If you’re interest in signing up, click below.


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More ways to make money online with your Smart Device

In a previous post, located here, I talked about several ways you can make small amounts of money online using your smart phone or smart device. In addition to the Apps identified in the previous post, there are a few more which you should also check out. These apps operate in similar ways, in that you watch trailers, videos or download Apps to earn points. These points then can be converted to giftcards or Paypal cash.

Taporro – Enter Code TAPRK148783 when you sign up to get 250 free points!
TapBooty – Sign up under my referral link to get 100 free points!

Make money online

Make money online with your smart device

As with the other Apps identified these are not big money earners. The first day or so you join up, you’ll probably earn a couple of dollars within 30 to 60 minutes. After that however, the rewards slow down significantly. The great thing is that you can cash out almost immediately, so you can pickup a couple of dollars, with 0 effort on the same day. I would just check the Apps every couple of days or so to see if any new high paying videos or Apps have been added.

With respect to the Apps, there is no obligation to keep the App for long after you download it. I usually let it run for a minute or so then delete it, though I have heard that this may not be required.


How do these Apps pay?

The Apps offer gift cards and PayPal cash, the great thing is that you can cash out almost immediately.


Are these Apps legit? Is there any risk?

I have personally been paid by all these apps.  With respect to the Apps, I recommend using caution with respect to allowing the Apps too much access to your personal information.

You may find that some of these acts do not work you are not a US resident. I always recommend obtaining a US iTunes account as the prices on the US store are usually cheaper than many overseas stores. It also allows you to use some Apps which may not be released in other regions.

July 5, 2013, at 6:08 am

Knoji.com – Write product reviews and consumer reports

Make money with Knoji.com

Knoji.com is a writer’s website where you write product reviews, consumer reports and Q&As.  You will be required to write articles providing accurate information about a range of products or stores to enable users to make informed purchasing decisions. In addition, you can become a Q&A Ambassador and answers questions from consumers.

Knoji advertise that they pay between $50 and $200 per article for Consumer Guides. This is completely dependent on web traffic. This brings us to the next important aspect of Knoji.com, your income is completely dependent on web traffic to your articles. Therefore if you wish to make good money from your articles, you need to sell them to the audience. If you are an active users of social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc it is worthwhile promoting your articles. With the increase in traffic, should come and increase in compensation.

Is knoji a scam?

Knoji.com review

Is Knoji.com a scam? Will Knoji pay?

Knoji.com enjoys somewhat of a mixed online reputation.  Reviews range from glowing to accusing the website to be a downright scam. I direct you to one such example here. The less favourable reviews accuse the website of terminating many of its writer’s deliberately after a certain amount of time and stealing writer’s content without pay.

I’ll certainly be providing updates in the future as to any undeserved terminations.

How does Knoji.com pay?

Knoji reportedly pays on the first of every month via Paypal.

Viability for a Digital Nomad

To be determined though doubtful. As a short term cash influx, Knoji would appear to ticks the boxes. It reportedly pays solid amount of income and pays when it say it will. The mixed online reputation and allegations about unfair terminations and allegations of stealing content is highly concerning and makes its hard to recommend at this time. I’ll be providing further updates in the future. In the interim, it looks like a legitimate way to make a nice sum of money in a short time frame, though whether this will continue in the future, remains to be seen. If you’re interested in signing up and want to help keep this website running, click on my referral link below but I urge caution at this time.


July 3, 2013, at 6:35 am

Paidforumposting.com Review – Make money online forum

Paidforumposting.com – Make money online forum

This website has been around since 2006. Details of the pay are subject to NDA, however it and Postloop I’ve heard are the top 2 paid forum posting gigs. Now like Postloop you have to make seven posts before qualifying to become a paid forum poster.

The problem which, I was forewarned of beforehand, and I encountered myself, is that Paid Forum Posting are formatting Nazis. Despite doing paid ghostblogging, copyeditor, content writer, author and paid blogger with Postloop (where I maintain a rank just a smidge below 5), I somehow failed to even qualify to do their work.

Further, if a writer is successful in the qualification process, they then become are subject to their warning system. Reportedly, if you receive 5 strikes, you’re out. This may not be so bad if there was simple guidelines to follow, or if you received as friendly notice or two before receiving a strike. Apparently there is no such system.   

Make money online forum

Paidforumposting.com review

I cannot recommend a site which does not care about the quality of your content but whether the formatting meets their ambiguous guidelines. Paid forum posting should be easy money, which I believe Postloop offers when you are capable of reading a thread and providing high quality response and contributing to a community.  I recommend you signup for Postloop if you have any interest in paid forum posting and proudly bear my affiliate link here (I’d do it regardless).

That being said, if you are willing/able to adopt their ambiguous guidelines, which aren’t even specifically told to you, there’s reportedly money to be made here. Reportedly they have a solid array of forums to post in, and the company apparently does pay what and when they say they will.   If however am unaware of the specifics.

Personally, it’s a no brainer. One forum posting gig is enough and Postloop wins in every single way. It also seems to be the popular consensus in the community. There’s plenty of forums to choose from and I’ve never had an issue with the owner. These are the two paid forum posting services I’ve identified and users generally comments on,  there are other services, however the pay is reportedly even lower and not worth considering if correct.  

July 3, 2013, at 5:26 am

WebAnswers.com – Make money answering questions

WebAnswers.com review

This is something a bit different for people looking to make money online.  It’s rather easy to setup and use, though requires you have a Google Adsense account (which can sometimes be difficult to obtain). If you’re a blogger looking to increase your Adsense earnings and help increase your passive income, you’ve come to the right spot. If the last few sentences have left a blank look on your face, Webanswers.com might not be for you.

In short Webanswers.com is a revenue sharing website. As a member you signup and start asking and answering questions. Once you answer 50 questions, you can enter your Google Adsense publisher code and start earning a passive income in a few ways.

The first is by answering questions, now questions will have many users providing responses. Your aim will be to provide the best possible answer. Should you be successful, you will earn 60% of the revenue generated from the page, with the remaining 40% going to webanswers.com owners. Should the question asker not identify a best answer, as is quite common, the revenue will be split, via a rather complicated formula which I do not intend on going into amongst the responders.

In terms of making high quality posts, I recommend you focus on providing lengthy responses, say a couple of paragraphs, ensure your grammar and spelling is perfect and of course avoid plagiarism.

The best way to make money on this website is a complicated matter, and one I do not profess to know, however the key would appear to be providing high quality answers, keeping content current (say provide a few answers a day) and provide responses to high traffic questions.  Should you be successful in this and dedicate the appropriate time to building a portfolio of high quality answers, you may be successful in establishing a 3 figure weekly passive income.

Webanswers.com review

Make money with Webanswers.com

Payment Methods

Payment is made via your Google Adsense account.


Viability for Digital Nomad

Good, especially if you have an existing Google Adsense account. The benefit of this website is that many digital nomads likely have attempted to monetize their blog (such as this one) and have already signed up for Google Adsense.  With Webanswers, you can increase your Adsense earnings and you may also try to drive traffic to your blog/website with appropriate answers. If you’re interested in signing up and want to help keep this website running, with no adverse impact to yourself, click on my referral link below.


July 3, 2013, at 4:42 am

MyVegas – Win real prizes in Las Vegas playing games

Win accommodation, shows and other freebies in Las Vegas with MyVegas.

MyVegas is a Facebook game where you can win real prizes from MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. The prizes includes accommodation, meals, buffets and cash coupons to spend while there. A small list of the prizes is below.


MyVegas rewards

MyVegas rewards

MyVegas rewards

The game offers numerous casino related games mainly consisting of various slot/pokie machines and also blackjack.  You obtain betting chips through various methods both in game and also by connecting with other players through Facebook. You then bet these chips to try to earn Loyalty Points in the game which can be exchanged for the prizes.

The game makes money by attempting to sell you the chips to bet, however with dedication, and more importantly, through connecting to other players online through Facebook, you won’t need to spend any money to earn some good prizes.  To assist in finding friends there are numerous Facebook groups and even online strategy guides to assist you in maximising your winnings. A quick list of ways to obtain betting chips is:By playing the games… duh!

  • Daily Bonus Spin – The game gives you a free daily spin which can reap big rewards.
  • Visit the official page which often has codes to redeem.
  • Viva myVegas, an Iphone app which scans codes onto your account.
  • Gifting – Your friends can send you gifts, this is a key part of keeping your friends!
  • Hotels – You build hotels in the game by finding tokens in games. Once completed they will intermittently provide you with  bonus chips.
  • Email Bonus- Subscribe to the App and you will intermittently receive codes in your email.

The game whilst initially needing a bit of grinding and time invested in it, mainly to build your friend base, really shines once you get past the initial stages. As someone who spends much time of their computer working, I can simply set the game to run in the background, set a game which requires minimal user input (Angry Birds) and set Auto-Spin to the maximum. I’ll intermittently check back to select bonuses and gift to other users as required. Doing this for the next couple of months,I should have a few nights accommodation and show in Vegas all for free J So I definitely encourage everyone to check it out.